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Mar 8 [News] RIKEN-Hiroshima University collaboration starts new


Dec 15 [Highlight] Helping the body clock keep its cool
Nov 17 [Highlight] Quantum dots mark the spot
Sep 15 [Highlight] Measuring morphogenesis of organs
Aug 25 [Highlight] E. coli tripeptide production model reveals surprising complexity
Jul 6 [Press release] Visualizing whole-body cancer metastasis at the single-cell level
Apr 28 [Highlight] How DNA traffic jams cause cell differences
Apr 6 [Press release] New technique helps researchers determine how stem cells differentiate
Mar 23 [Highlight] Assembly and characterization of carbon nanotube biosensors on integrated circuits


Dec 27 [Highlight] Which proteins regulate heterogeneous cellular response?
Dec 23 [Press release] Controlling the body clock
Nov 14 [News] Miniaturizing experiments
Nov 2 [Press release] Strange behavior in the crowded cellular environment
Oct 11 [News] Now you see it! Tissue transparentization experts speak at QBiC Symposium
Jun 10 [Highlight] Measuring body time
Jun 7 [Highlight] Ultrathin flexible glass device
May 31 [Press release] A jolt from the blue: Rays provide power for an electric generator
May 27 [News] Listening to the noise
Apr 25 [Highlight] Worm sperm have new tricks
Apr 21 [News] The latest issue of QBiTs is available for downloading
Apr 18 [Highlight] How chemotactic cells extend the response range
Apr 14 [Highlight] Database integration accelerates data-driven quantitative biology
Mar 18 [Press release] Brain calcium controls how long we sleep
Jan 8 [Press release] Snappy Sleep Stager system identifies gene related to shorter sleep


Dec 18 [News] The latest issue of QBiTs is available for downloading
Oct 21 [News] First glimpses of motor proteins in action
Oct 20 [Highlight] Aging blood cells grow “freckles”
Sep 15 [News] QBiC Symposium 2015: LET'S MAKE NOISE!
Aug 28 [Press release] Getting a picture of the molecules in a cell in just minutes
Jun 29 [News] Mapping limb development
Jun 16 [News] Multicolored nano-lanterns light up cells
May 22 [News] Cells' universal law of change
May 1 [Highlight] EGFP and Protein G-coated Quantum dots enable in vitro/in vivo dual fluorescence imaging of tumors
Apr 20 [News] Photoproteins visible to the naked eye developed
Apr 6 [News] Engineering cell circuits
Feb 27 [Highlight] A look inside the see-through mouse
Feb 20 [News] Getting to the roots of resistance
Jan 20 [Highlight] Multicolored Single-Molecule Imaging of Overcrowding Membrane Proteins
Jan 9 [News] Significance of physical size of transcription factors for gene regulation


Dec 17 [Press release] Predicting antibiotic resistance
Nov 7 [Press release] Images of a nearly invisible mouse
Jul 25 [News] The latest issue of QBiTs is available for downloading
Jul 23 [News] QBiC is highlighted in the latest issue of RIKEN Research
Jun 3 [News] Toshio Yanagida was named an honorable member of the Physical Society of Japan
May 27 [News] New glass-based pumps for lab-on-chip technology
May 26 [News] Discovery of an on-off switch for the immune response
May 23 [News] A clearer picture of brain circuitry
May 8 [News] Seeing the big picture in cells
Apr 18 [Press release] Rapid whole-brain imaging with single cell resolution
Apr 8 [News] Transcriptional oscillation functions as a development timer
Jan 27 [News] The latest issue of QBiTs is available for downloading


Nov 29 [Press release] New screening method greatly facilitates production of desirable metabolites
Oct 13 [News] The latest issue of QBiTs is available for downloading
Jul 9 [News] The latest issue of QBiTs is available for downloading
Jul 8 [News] Perusing the cellular library
Jul 8 [News] An all-glass lab-on-a-chip
May 16 [News] RNA sequencing technique sheds light on mechanisms of cellular heterogeneity


Dec 14 Press Release: Loca Nucleosome Dynamics Facilitate Chromatin Accessibility in Living Mammalian Cells
Nov 5-7 QBiC held its inaugural symposium, “Toward Whole-Cell Modeling”
Aug 27 The Inaugural QBiC International Symposium
Aug 16 Nano-probes for intracellular viscosity
July 12 Satya Arjunan (Laboratory for Biochemical Simulation)
Jun 26 Right Appetite for Growth
Jun 22 Yuichi Taniguchi (Laboratory for Single Cell Gene Dynamics)
Jun 22 New Algorithms for Metagenomics
May 18 QBiC is now on Twitter
Apr 27 Minako Hirano (Laboratory for Cell Dynamic Observation)
Nov 7 QBiC scientist Dr. Chikara Furusawa wins the 26th Nishinomiya-Yukawa-memorial award.
Nov 5 The RIKEN KOBE INSTITUTE holds an Open House
May 11 RIKEN RESEARCH Vol.6/MAY2011  "Establishment of the RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center (QBiC) "
Apr 13 QBiC scientist awarded MEXT prizes -Dr. Chikara Furusawa,Team Leader, Laboratory for Multiscale BioSystems Dynamics.
Apr 1 The Quantitative Biology Center (QBiC) officially opens
Apr 1 The Quantitative Biology Center (QBiC) website opens
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