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Research Highlight

Measuring morphogenesis of organs

A new statistical-based method provides insight into how developing organs morph into their mature shapes

Sep 15, 2017

Development of chick brain tissue

By merely measuring the positions of fewer than one in ten cells in a developing organ, scientists can reconstruct how the entire organ acquires its shape thanks to a statistical analysis method developed by QBiC's Yoshihiro Morishita and colleagues[1]. This method will advance our understanding of organ growth by overcoming the limitations of traditional imaging.

  1. Morishita, Y., Hironaka, K., Lee, S.-W., Jin, T. & Ohtsuka, D. "Reconstructing 3D deformation dynamics for curved epithelial sheet morphogenesis from positional data of sparsely-labeled cells" Nature Communications 8, 15 (2017). doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00023-7