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Researcher Profile of the Month

Satya profile

June 2012

Satya Arjunan

Laboratory for Biochemical Simulation

With degrees in computer science and electronic engineering from his home country of Malaysia and a desire to make a switch to the biological sciences, Satya Arjunan typifies the ideal researcher at QBiC... >> More

Yuichi Taniguchi profile

May 2012

Yuichi Taniguchi

Laboratory for Single Cell Gene Dynamics

Having just published in Science and had his name included in a patent, some would think Yuichi Taniguchi, PI of the Laboratory for Single Cell Gene Dynamics, an unlikely candidate to leave Harvard University... >> More

Researcher profile of the month - Minako Hirano

April 2012

Minako Hirano

Laboratory for Cell Dynamics Observation

Looking down on all her female peers, and most of her male ones too, Minako Hirano's height suggests she could have made a career in certain sports. However, that she is always seen wearing a white lab coat makes it clear... >> More