Laboratory for Systems Biology
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List of Activities

I. Identification of Clocks
  • I-1. Identification of the Mammalian Clock Circuit
  • I-2. Identification of the Direct targets of The Mammalian Clock
  • I-3. Identification of the Fly Clock Circuit
Analysis and Control
II. Analysis of the Clock
  • II-1. Negative Feedback: Heart of the Clock
III. Control of Clocks
  • III-1. Photic Control of the circadian Clocks:
  • -
IV. Design of Clocks
  • IV-1. Design of the Clock-controlled Elements: Amplitude
  • IV-2. Design of Circadian Circuits: Phase
Medical Application
V. Medical Applications
  • V-1. Detection of Body-time: Molecular-timetable Methods
  • -
General Principles
VI. Abstraction of General Principles
  • VI-1. Principles in Dynamics and Evolution of Biological Networks
  • -
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