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The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Kobe laboratory generation and the reproduction science synthesis research center system biology research team (henceforth LSB) have managed this site. Please read this rule before this site is used, and use it only when it is agreed. Please acknowledge that this rule might change the content without a previous notice beforehand.
Recommended environment
To see this site more comfortably, the following environments are recommended.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or more
The latest version is downloaded.
It keeps effective.
■Resolution of screen
More than 800×600 pixels.
Exemption matters
It is accuracy of the content, and not guaranteed of any additionally ..utility and safety.. one though various attention is paid and published about information published in this site either. Information published in this site is information to the last at the time of publishing, and publishing information might in agreement with become it not is actually by the passage of time. Moreover, it is not the one to assume all the responsibilities of any damage caused not being possible to have used this site by the customer or to use it. Information open to the public without a previous notice to the customer on this site might be changed, and it delete it. Moreover, opening this site to the public is interrupted or might be discontinued by me irrespective of the reason. It wants to cause by these change in information, deletion, and the interruption or the discontinuance of opening to the public in the customer or is not the one to assume all the responsibilities of the becoming it damage.
About the link
As a rule, the link to this site is free it. However, I will refuse the following links or links with the fear hard.
  • Link from Web site where confidence and fineness of site and LSB that offends public order and morals might be ruined
  • Link from Web site including content that slanders and slanders LSB or the related companies and those employee and director
  • Link where misidentification is caused when is in LSB, tie-up or cooperation and support relation
  • Link where misunderstanding of sending origin of information such as frame links is caused
It is not the one to guarantee the content of the Web site linking ahead for the link from this site to other Web sites.
About the copyright
As a rule, LSB has the copyright in all information published in this site. It is prohibited to use these information without prior permission of LSB, except when admitted by personal use and other Copyright Law (The reproduction, the modification, and the distribution, etc. are included).
About the conforming method
It is assumed the one that conforms to a Japanese method as long as there is not deciding another steps for the use of this site and the peration of this rule.
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