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Laboratory for Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics

Takanori Kigawa


Team Leader

Takanori Kigawa (D. Sci.)

Kigawa Riken

In actual biological cellular environments, biomolecules such as proteins are generally surrounded by high concentrations of macromolecules, so-called ‘macromolecular crowding’ and these molecules are dynamically and co-operatively working. We will elucidate cellular events at atomic resolution by analyzing structural dynamics of biomolecules in the cellular environment mainly by using NMR spectroscopy. We will also develop and improve the technologies for sample preparation, stable-isotope labeling, NMR measurements, and data analyses. In collaboration with laboratories in the Computational Biology Research Core, QBiC, we will contribute to the modeling of the cell from the viewpoint of structural dynamics of biomolecules.

Research Topics

  • NMR analysis of structural dynamics of biomolecules in cellular environments
  • Development of technologies for NMR measurements and data analyses
  • Development of technologies for stable-isotope labeling of proteins using cell-free synthesis

Selected Publications

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