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Toshio Yanagida


Team Leader

Toshio Yanagida (Ph.D.)

Yanagida of Riken

One major goal in the life sciences is to directly observe how intracellular individual molecules behave when they cause changes in a cell's properties. While watching the dynamics of a single living cell using advanced microscopy, we have succeeded in using nanospray technology to extract intracellular molecules from organelles and analyze them with mass spectroscopy. In fact, our detection system is sufficiently sensitive that only 1 pL intracellular sample is needed to conduct the analysis in real-time. Based on this initial breakthrough, we envision a number of cellular applications to which our technique can be applied.

Research Topics

  • Development of Live Single Cell Mass Spectrometry (Live MS)
  • Application of live MS to cell molecular dynamism
  • Application of live MS to Developmental Biology
  • Pico-Medicine and Pico-Diagnosis
  • Probe-imaging Single Cell Mass Spectrometry

Selected Publications

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  • Shimizu, T., Miyakawa, S., Esaki, T., Mizuno, H., Masujima, T., Koshiba, T., et al.
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    Plant and Cell Physiology 56, 1287-1296 (2015) doi:10.1093/pcp/pcv042
  • Fujita, H., Esaki, T., Masujima, T., Hotta, A., Kim, S. H., Noji, H., et al.
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  • Fukano, Y., Tsuyama, N., Mizuno, H., Date, S., Takano, M. & Masujima, T.
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