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Laboratory for Cardiovascular Molecular Dynamics

Atsuo Kawahara


Research Unit Leader

Atsuo Kawahara (Ph.D.)


The cardiovascular system consists of the heart and blood vessels and is established in early embryogenesis. Impairment of the cardiovascular system is the leading cause of death in most industrial countries. Therefore, elucidating the molecular mechanism for cardiovascular function is indispensable both for understanding its development and for the development of new therapies and drugs. Our research group is using fluorescent proteins to conduct functional analysis of mutant zebrafish with defective cardiovascular systems by visualizing the cardiovascular formation. Using the information gained from these studies, we are examining whether the molecular function of key cardiovascular regulators identified in zebrafish are conserved in mammals including humans.

Research Topics

  • Functional analysis of zebrafish mutants defective in cardiovascular development
  • Functional characterization of key regulators involved in cardiovascular system
  • Measuring molecular dynamics and in vivo imaging of cardiovascular regulators

Selected Publications

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