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Laboratory for Cell-Free Protein Synthesis

Yoshihiro Shimizu


Unit Leader

Yoshihiro Shimizu (Ph.D.)

Shimizu of Riken

Original HP

To understand life, it is indispensable to understand the function and the structure of proteins that play essential roles inside and outside of cells. Laboratory for Cell-Free Protein Synthesis aims to develop the PURE system, a reconstituted cell-free protein synthesis system, to contribute to the development of techniques for manipulating, analysing, and modeling proteins by establishing a method for diverse protein production without restraint. We are also trying to incorporate into the PURE system the ability for self-replication by synthesizing PURE system components autonomously. Using these techniques, we hope to design and control living systems.

Research Topics

  • Protein production by the PURE system
  • Construction of a self-replication model for cell-free protein synthesis
  • Cell-free protein synthesis on micro-devices

Selected Publications

  • Matsuura, T., Tanimura, N., Hosoda, K., Yomo, T. & Shimizu, Y.
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