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Laboratory for Synthetic Biology

Hiroki Ueda


Group Director

Hiroki Ueda (M.D., Ph.D.)

Hiroki Ueda of RIKEN

Original HP

A paradigm sift in biological research from reductionistic to synthetic approach has been undertaken in recent years. Even though the synthetic approach has been acknowledged as a central strategy of life science over the next few decades, basic technologies required in the synthetic approach, such like designing, controlling and manipulating biological molecules (DNAs, proteins and lipids) is remained to be established. The main tasks for laboratory for synthetic biology are to develop basic technologies for synthetic biology through close collaborative study within this center and to present pioneer studies in this new field.

Research Topics

  • Design of chemicals that can control and create dynamic protein behaviour.
  • Design of molecular interactions in circadian clocks.
  • Development of high-throughput genome engineering system.
  • Gene synthesis for the design and construction of biological systems.
  • Design and measurement of protein network dynamics at a single-cell level

Selected Publications

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  • Narumi, R., Shimizu, Y., Ukai-Tadenuma, M., Ode, K. L., Kanda, G. N., Shinohara, Y., et al.
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