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Laboratory for Biochemical Simulation

Koichi Takahashi


Team Leader

Koichi Takahashi (Ph.D.)

Takahashi of RIKEN

Intracellular biochemical reaction networks give rise to all living organisms on earth. Modeling and simulating these biochemical pathways is a key technology towards the next generation of life sciences. Our Team has been developing computational methods, including Green's function reaction dynamics and microscopic lattice reaction-diffusion method, and a cell simulation platform called the E-Cell System. We are also working on the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to mitigate overwhelming complexity in modeling cellular systems.

Research Topics

  • Development of biochemical network simulation techniques
  • Spatio-temporal architectures of intracellular signaling pathways
  • Enzyme kinetics under intracellular macromolecular crowding
  • E-Cell cell simulation software platform
  • Computational platforms for AI-driven science

Selected Publications

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