Poster Session

Venue: Library (C210), 2nd Floor, QBiC Building B
Language: English

Time of posting, presentation and removal:

Posters should be put up on the allocated poster board until the last day of the symposium. Presenters should be by their poster boards for discussion during the poster sessions.
Posting: 24 (Mon)  12:00-
Presentation: 25 (Tue) 12:50-13:50 Odd numbered posters
26 (Wed) 12:50-13:50 Even numbered posters
Removal: 26 (Wed) by 16:00
All posters should be taken down by this time.
Any posters left after this time will be disposed.

Poster Number:

Your poster number can be found either at "Poster Presentations" or in the abstract book that will be distributed onsite.

Poster Size:

Poster size should be A0. Poster numbers will be indicated on the panel beforehand.