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Workshop on Modeling Biomolecular Systems in Cellular Environment

The overall aim of this workshop is to bring together a mix of computational and experimental researchers to discuss current challenges in developing comprehensive views of cellular environments. More specifically, there are three main themes: 1) What are the biophysical consequences of cellular environments on protein stability and dynamics beyond simple volume exclusion effects? 2) What are the details of the structure and dynamics of genomic DNA and its transcriptional regulation? 3) How can we develop realistic structural and dynamic models of interacting biomolecules at cellular levels? In this workshop, we invite 20 researchers from abroad and from Japan and would like to have fruitful discussion about this new research topics.

Remus Dame (University of Leiden)
Peer Bork (European Molecular Biology Laboratory)
Rebecca Wade (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies)
Joanna Trylska (University of Warsaw)
Koby Levy (Weismann Institute of Science)  
2013年10月31日(木)〜11月1日(金)   finished event
京都大学 サイエンスセミナーハウス
杉田有治(理研QBiC)、高田彰二(京都大学)、 高橋恒一(理研QBiC)、Michael Feig(ミシガン州立大学)

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