QBiC Symposium 2016

DECODING ORGANISMS by Quantitative Cell Profiling



5th Sep to 7th Sep, 2016


5F Life Hall, Senri Life Science Center
1-4-2 Shinsenri-higashimachi, Toyonaka, Osaka 560-0082, Japan

Number of Participants

Approximately 250.
We’d like to encourage participants to prepare poster presentations.

Participation fee

Accommodations and transportation must be arranged at your own expense.


Wireless internet connections are available in the conference room.


A dinner party will be held after the program on Tuesday, September 6th at the Senri Room, Senri Life Science Center. Please indicate on the registration page if you wish to attend the party. 3000JPY(students) or 5000JPY(general)(TBD) will collected at the event reception desk.


Accommodations must be arranged by participants at their own expense.
Below is a list of area hotels, please confirm the price on the hotel website.

Poster Session

Venue: 5F Science Hall, Senri Life Science Center
Language: English
Time of posting, presentation and removal: Announced later.
Panel Size: The maximum size of the panel is W90 cm X H180 cm.
Selected Poster Talks: A few slots for “Selected Poster Talks” are available. If you wish to do this, please indicate this on the Registration form.

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