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Kang Shen, Ph.D.

Stanford University

Date & Location

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
12:00 - 13:00

QBiC Bldg. A, 1F lounge 
(6-2-3, Furuedai, Suita, Osaka)
There will be a TV broadcast at Kobe CDB bldg.D 2F seminar room.


Regulation of axonal transport in C. elegans


Axonal transport is a critical aspect of neuronal cell biology. While the understanding of the biophysical property of the microtubule motors has been established, the regulation of motor proteins are much less well understood, especially in vivo. In this presentation, I will discuss our past and current effort in characterizing the regulatory mechanisms of KIF1A mediated trafficking of synaptic vesicle precursors and dynein mediated retrograde trafficking.


Yasushi Okada
Laboratory for Cell Polarity Regulation
Tel: 06-7710-9051

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