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Recent advances in molecular biology provide us detailed knowledge about components of cellular systems, such as genes and proteins, and interactions among them. However, it is still unclear how the interaction network among such components can maintain complex processes in living systems stably, such as processes of development, metabolism, and evolution. To understand the nature of such fundamental processes of living systems, one possible strategy is to search for universal lows with regard to such processes, and then to unravel the logic of living systems leading to the universal features.

I am studying universal features in living systems, by using both theoretical and experimental studies. Also, based on the knowledge obtained by such theoretical/experimental studies, I am trying to make progress for bioengineering studies. For the details of my studies, please see my research page.

Dynamic Model of Cell Differentiation

Based on dynamical systems modeling, a novel theory for stem cell differentiation is proposed.

Metabolic Flux Analysis by Genome-scale Models


Metabolic fluxes were estimated by genome-scale metabolic models bio- production.

Experimental Evolution of Bacteria

artificial evolution

Comprehensive phenotype/genotype Analysis were performed for evolved E.coli strains.

Development of Algorithms for Microarrays


Novel algorithms of microarray analysis were proposed.