Welcome to Frey Initiative Research Unit (IRU, 国際主幹研究ユニット)
at the RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center

The Frey-IRU is a biosensors and bioelectronics laboratory at RIKEN QBiC that develops CMOS-based sensor devices targeting biological applications, with the primary focus being in systems biology and systems neuroscience.

Bioelectronics and biosensors are multidisciplinary research fields at the interface among engineering, biology, and nanotechnology. Next generation health-care devices, from lab-on-chip diagnostics and neural interfaces to drug screening systems, will be powered by bioelectronics and have the potential to change how we interact with biological systems.

The group's core competences are CMOS-integrated micro sensors for biological applications. We design and use high-resolution microelectrode arrays to interface with neuronal networks and advance the understanding of how neurons behave at a system level. We build advanced biosensors for performing quantitative measurements at the molecular level.

Our lab is a member of RIKEN QBiC, a RIKEN center taking a systems biology approach, including advanced measurement technologies, computational modeling, and synthetic biology, to advance our understanding of complex biological systems at multiple levels. We are located at the RIKEN Kobe Institute in Kobe, Japan, where we have access to biological expertise, state-of-the art bio facilities, MEMS facilities, and IC-EDA tools.

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RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center

Frey Initiative Research Unit
Minatojima-minamimachi 2-2-3
Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo
Japan 650-0047

Tel: +81-78-306-3458
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