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6-2-3, Furuedai, Suita, Osaka, Japan
RIKEN center for Biosystems Dynamics Research

Clarifying mystery of life by programing biomolecular assembly and visualizing individuality of protein molecules

Our group uses protein engineering, DNA nanotechnology (DNA origami) and single molecule detection methods (TIRFM, force spectroscopy, high-speed AFM, super resolution imaging etc.) to dissect the dynamics of macromolecular systems (e.g. sub-cellular module) at the single molecule resolution. We construct protein-DNA origami hybrid system, functional DNA nanostructures and visualize protein structural dynamics, coordination between molecules and mechanical force in the macromolecular systems, that help understanding biological systems and solving problems of medical and engineering interest.


DNA Nanotechnology (DNA origami), Super resolution Imaging, High-speed atomic force microscopy, Single molecule manipulation, Systems physical biology of Heart・Skeletal muscle, Mechano biology, Design of sub-cellular module

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