論文 (†Correspoding author)

1."Application of the fluctuation theorem for noninvasive force measurement in living neuronal axons"
K. Hayashi, Y. Tsuchizawa, M. Iwaki, Y. Okada
, in press

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M. Iwaki
, S.F. Wickham, K. Ikezaki, T. Yanagida, W.M. Shih
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K. Fujita, M. Iwaki

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K. Fujita*, M. Iwaki*
, A. Iwane, L. Marcucci, T. Yanagida†
Nature Communications, 3, 956 (2012)   (*equally contribution) [journal link]
see also 注目の論文, RIKEN Research Highlights

8.   "Entropic potential field formed for a linear-motor protein near a filament: Stastical-mechanical analyses using simple models."
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M. Iwaki, A. H. Iwane, T. Shimokawa, R. Cookes and T. Yanagida

Nature Chemical Biology 5:403-405 (2009) [journal link]
see also News and views[pdf]
*日本経済新聞、Annual Report of Osaka University, Academic Achievement 2009-2010にて紹介されました

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* FACULTY of 1000 BIOLOGY にて紹介されました
15. “Approach to engineering principle of adaptive biological systems by uncovering unique operation of bio-molecular machines”
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岩城光宏 「バイオサイエンスとインダストリー(B&I)」5月号, ??-?? (2018)

2. "Single molecule analysis of actomyosin in the presence of osmolyte"
M. Iwaki, K. Itoh, K. Fujita. The role of water in ATP hydrolysis energy transduction by protein machinery.
in press

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ポリヌクレオチドを用いたコイル及びその製造方法 (特許第6041306号)平成28年11月18日登録



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FACULTY of 1000 BIOLOGY (2006)



BioJapan2017 パシフィコ横浜 (2017) 横浜


武田薬品工業株式会社 湘南研究所(2017) 湘南

"A programmable DNA origami nanospring that reveals force-induced adjacent binding of myosin VI heads"

14th Annual Conference on Foundations of Nanoscience (FNANO17)

Snowbird, Utah, U.S. (2017)

応用物理学会・量子エレクトロニクス研究会 -バイオメディカルフォトニクスII-, (2014) 軽井沢

"Anchoring mechanism of Myosin-VI revealed with a Programmed DNA origami Spring"

Gordon Research Conferences, Mucsle & Molecular Motors (2014)

Mount Snow Resort, U.S.

“Dynamics and energetics of single actomyosin motor”
7th international conference on Engineering of chemical complexity (2013)

Berlin Center for Studies of Complex Chemical Systems, Germany

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Workshop: Active Dynamics on Microscales, (2012)

Lorentz Center, Netherland

"Discovery of Strain-sensor mechanism in motor protein and the quantification for the energy conversion"
第50回日本生物物理学会若手招待講演, (2012) 名古屋

日本植物学会第76回大会, (2012) 兵庫

日本物理学会第65回年次大会, (2010) 岡山

「ナノ粒子を利用したモーター 蛋白質の高速1分子ナノイメージングと操作」
82回日本生化学会大会, (2009) 神 戸

“Strain-dependent search and capture mechanism for directional motion of myosin-VI”
BIOCOMP 2007 (2007)

“Single molecule nano measurement of actomyosin motor”
5th World Congress of Biomechanics (2006)
"at"fbs.osaka-u.ac.jp  ("at"は@に読みかえてください。)
〒565-0874 吹田市古江台6-2-3 理化学研究所 生命システム研究センター