Welcome to the website of Mitsuhiro Iwaki. We have explored and clarified unique properties of nature's nano machine, motor protein (myosin) by refining the single molecule measurement techniques (single molecule imaging, optical tweezers). 

I'm now trying to design and build self-assembly system containing DNA origami and protein molecules to solve important biological problems (such as how self-assembled biological system emerges unique adaptability, flexibility, robustness and low energy cost). DNAorigami is a recent nanotechnology which realizes the construction of 2D and 3D nanostructure with 1 nm accuracy.


Through this approach, I aim at the creation of the field termed "Nanobio robotics", which is directed to the control of cell behaviour, engineering and medical application.

Key words

Nanobio robotics、Biological nano motor、Brownian molecular machine、Mechano biology、DNAorigami、Stochastic process、Adaptation、Flexibility、Self-organization、Environmental response、Single molecule imaging、Optical tweezers、Loose-coupling